Available Certification Schemes

Below are certification schemes that may help mitigate supply chain risks flagged in GMAP. The information below is drawn from International Trade Centre’s Sustainability Map. The scores of the 10 GMAP indicators per country-commodity combination are listed at the top of the page, followed by available certification schemes for that combination. On the left, view a description of the scheme. On the right, view the extent to which the scheme may help mitigate or cover the risks flagged in GMAP. To compare across up to three certification schemes, click the Select box under the relevant certification scheme names and click compare at the bottom of the screen.

The default view is by compatibility, where certification schemes that address the most identified risks are ranked higher. GMAP users can also view this information by indicator or search for certification schemes sorted alphabetically by name. A score of 80 or above is considered high risk. A higher risk score implies a higher probability of occurrence and severity of impact.

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